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Find out more about one of my favourite wedding suppliers, Hayley from The Bake Pod, as we talk all things weddings...and all things wedding cake! Hear some gems of advice and wedding tips from Hayley, a Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker.

Cannock Wedding Cake Maker

The Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker I Highly Recommend – The Bake Pod, Cannock

I’ve known Hayley for around 18 months and as soon as I saw her cake designs I was hooked. They are just fabulous!

And they taste great too – always a bonus for your wedding cake!!

Following The Bake Pod on Facebook and Instagram, I was stunned by the intricacy of the designs, and the sheer quality of the finish.
This is a cake company OBSESSED with perfection! As soon as you look at her website I know you’ll agree!

Over the last few months, I’ve come to know Hayley and her lovely mom Pam quite well seeing them at different wedding fayres and had to share their story with you.

Cannock Wedding Cake Maker

Cannock Wedding Cakes

Obviously, I know how great the cakes look at taste, but I also wanted to find out more about the story behind The Bake Pod.

With a style that Hayley describes as “modern and contemporary,” it’s so easy to see it really is ” all about quality”, from the ingredients to the service. Knowing you can sit back and relax as a couple, and be completely confident the vision for your cake will be carried out to perfection, sure this is what it’s all about?

Hayley lives in Cannock with her husband and son, her chief tasters!

From setting up the business in 2016, it’s been quite a journey for Hayley with designs featured in magazines and on blogs, helping the journey of The Bake Pod come on “Leaps and Bounds”!

It’s easy to see that Hayley loves what she does!!

“It’s an absolute privilege to be involved in our couples weddings. On the flip side, it can be quite stressful, because it is that special occasion that means so much. I always think that with attention in the baking of the cake, making sure it’s really flavoursome and really moist through to the decorating of the cake and making sure I get that flawless finish. I like to hold the hands of my couples throughout the whole process. That’s what it’s all about. It’s the whole process, and that’s why we’re all about quality. “

Complete attention and service throughout – what more could you ask for? Even down to delivering the cake, and avoiding all the thousands of pot-holes along the way!

Stunning wedding cakes from Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker The Bake Pod

As I’ve already mentioned, whenever I’m scrolling through social media, and I see a ‘Hayley Cake’ I just know it straight away. There’s something about the creations from The Bake Pod that really capture my attention, and I loved talking to one of my clients who entrusted their cake to Hayley last summer.

A design that brought together the pinks of their theme, and tied in with the Japanese blossom for Emi’s home, and finally the hand-painted golden map to signify their travels.

Emi & Chris’ wedding theme from the invitations to the place settings had all been about travel, and to see this brought together so beautifully in the cake – I loved it!

Cake cutting fun at Wroxall Abbey in Warwick by Documentary Wedding Photographer Stuart James

Wedding Cake Experience

I know it’s not just about the years of training to get the perfect finish, it’s the personal journey you head through as a Bake Pod customer that helps elevate the service from Hayley.

“Whether meeting face-to-face or having a chat over the phone and just sharing in the excitement, I love to hear all about their wedding, and they’re not just there to talk to me about the cake. Sharing the details about the wedding style, what colours, what the Bridesmaids are wearing. I love to hear all about that and just get involved in the excitement.”

And I know it’s from these details, from talking through the bits of your story, that Hayley creates her designs. It really is about you having your input, rather than it simply being a cake you’ve chosen from Hayley’s website!

“It’s about them having input into it as well, so I get to know about their wedding style. I ask them lots and lots of questions and then out of that, I’ll then come up with a design of cake for them. Once they’re happy with that the date is then secured in the diary, the couples just get to sit back and relax!
I like to just think that their trust me to have everything in hand so I’ll speak to venues direct or florist if they’re having fresh flowers on the cake, and then the week running up to their wedding I’ll give them a call. And that’s always a lovely call because I get to share in the excitement again check how they’re feeling! What they’re looking forward to, is everything all in hand, and then the last bit of it is obvious, they get to see their wedding cake on the day itself.”

And what a moment for couples that is!! Seeing their faces as they walk into the room and see the cake presented for the first time – it’s always a moment I love to be there for!

Stunning wedding cakes from Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker The Bake Pod

Bespoke Wedding Cakes Designed For You

Even if choosing a cake from The Bake Pod’s website, I love the fact that every single cake ends up unique.

Whether it colours, flavours, a little something about you and your wedding, it all comes together to make your wedding cake totally bespoke.

” I’ve never made one wedding cake exactly the same as another which says a lot, doesn’t it. Some couples will say we like that cake design you’ve done, but we want to perhaps change the colours or the texture or choose a different flower.”

Stunning wedding cakes from Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker The Bake Pod

Finding the right wedding suppliers!

Trying to find the correct suppliers for your wedding is never easy – after all, with this often being the very first time you’ve planned a wedding, it’s almost “where do you start?”

I loved Hayley’s take on this:

“When you are sourcing a wedding cake for the first time, have a really good look through things out there. Each cake maker has their own style, and it’s about finding somebody that fits in with your ideas.”

So whether it’s through Facebook, or Instagram or indeed Google Images, or indeed trawling the many wedding fayres, find a cake style that grabs your attention, then start the process.

From cake tasting first of all to a consultation with the cake maker. It’s about you feeling comfortable, and getting exactly what you want!

With Hayley, I know how genuinely invested she is in your wedding, and when she’s saying, “please share some photographs with me. I want to see you in your dress,” you know you have a cake maker who really gets it!

Stunning wedding cakes from Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker The Bake Pod

Wedding Cake Prices

I always think for Brides and Grooms it’s got to be tricky. Afterall, when you’re planning your wedding, you want it to be perfect from start to end. But there is also the question of the budget – and this always has to be controlled.

When it comes to looking for your wedding cake, you can go so many different routes, but even if budget is a consideration, it’s always worth talking to a bespoke cake maker like Hayley, as there is often something that can be done!

“There’s a cake for everybody whatever your budget is. But if you if you’re wanting a five-tier cake with lots of sugar flower decorations that will obviously be a higher price than if you want a simple elegant cake. There are always options, with perhaps a buttercream finish with fresh flowers. But there is a cake for everybody, but I think the thing that is really important for wedding couples, is that they trust you to do a good job, and that’s what they’re paying for really.

When it comes to numbers and style, but that also budget as well, there’s normally something we can do. It helps with prices on the website so rather than wasting time upfront, couples can see if that is within their budget.”

From the initial ideas about pricing, it’s best to talk as the main expense with bespoke cakes comes to the time spent in decorating. So if you like the look of Hayley’s cakes, then get in touch!!

Stunning wedding cakes from Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker The Bake Pod

When Should You Book Your Wedding Cake?

The simple bit of advice here – is book early!

Find who you like, have a tasting and consultation, and if the budget and style fit, then get your cake maker reserved.

Only able to take on a limited amount of cakes, especially for price summer dates, it can be all-too-easy to be disappointed if only approaching a few months before. So my personal big tip – get in there as early as you can!!

Hayley also listed this as one of her top tips too – with all of your suppliers – get in there early!!

“If you plan early and you book suppliers that you can really trust, it makes a whole wedding planning process a lot easier and smoother and just helps you to relax a bit more throughout the whole process. Let them take the stress for you. And just enjoy the whole planning and really that week running up to your wedding day as well, because it’s such a special time. It’s amazing!”

Stunning wedding cakes from Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker The Bake Pod

Ask your suppliers what else they can do for your wedding day!

Build great relationships that bring everything together, rather than sourcing from all over!

“At the Bake Pod it’s not just cakes, we do wedding cakes, we do wedding favours, and we can do place settings. So rather than having three different relationships that you need time for throughout the planning process, you can just have that one relationship, and you can then bring everything together.”

Stunning wedding cakes from Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker The Bake Pod

Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding

Throughout my series of interviews with suppliers, I’ve been picking everyone’s collective brains, to bring together top wedding planning tips that will hopefully help you when planning your wedding.

Hayley’s gems of advice were:

  1. “Ask for recommendations from your wedding suppliers. We’re all in this business together, and we’re only going to recommend somebody that we one hundred percent trust to do an amazing job.”
  2. “Try not to get caught up in perfection. Life is rarely perfect and that includes a wedding day and actually, things that don’t quite go to the plan are sometimes the most memorable parts of the wedding day and the things that are talked about most afterwards.”
  3. “Try and be true to yourselves. It’s absolutely fab to look at wedding blogs, check through magazines, and things like Pinterest to look for ideas, but what I always say to my couples is have what you want. It’s your day, so choose a wedding style that fits and is personal to you”

Top Wedding Cake Tips

Following on from the wedding tips, I loved that Hayley shared her top “Cake Tips” too:

  1. “Taste the cake before you book. That’s really important, and that’s why we offer tasting consultations or sample boxes, so all of our couples will have tasted the cake before they book with us.|
    Yes, it’s really important for the cake to look fantastic, but equally important is that it tastes amazing too.”
  2. “When you thinking about dressing your venue when dressing the tables, remember your cake as well.
    A beautiful cake can look ordinary in a room if it’s not styled correctly.  Think about the stand that you want. Think about the table or the tablecloth and also the position of the cake within the room.”
  3. “Make sure you get some of your wedding cake!  The day will be so busy, trying to get around all of the guests, so what you can do is just speak to your wedding venue beforehand and just ask them to put some of each of the flavours aside so that at least then if you don’t get chance in the evening, you’ve got some to take home the next day!”

Stunning wedding cakes from Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker The Bake Pod

How to find the right supplier for your wedding

“There is a character like there for everybody and each cake supplier will have their own style, so when you are searching around, and you know you’ve got a bit of an idea of what style you want, choose a cake supplier that fits in with your wedding style because they’re going to have the experience and the expertise to fit what you want.”

If you wanted to see the full interview with Hayley, hit the video below:

To find out more about The Bake Pod, and to see the gorgeous creations from Hayley, see the links below:




Thank you so much for sharing as much as you did during our interview Hayley, I loved catching up and hearing more about The Bake Pod.

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