2009 – our favourite images from a fantastic year!

2009 was an absolutely fantastic year for us – one with great weddings, many commercial shoots with the building of several relationships, the visiting of old clients and photographing their new-additions with the photos of little Jack Richardson and Thomas O’Connor and meeting some amazing new people from the photography world leading from the [b] school including Laura and Pete Lawson, Hayley Ruth, Stewart Randall, the boys from 3b media, Jennifer Clare and not to forget the guys from north of the border Chris MacKenzie and James Pearson and the guys down south, the lovely Davenports and not to forget MrF and everyone else from the [r]Network – it’s been a pleasure to meet you guys and I’m sincerely looking forward to our next GTG in London!

It is great sometimes to take a step back from how you do things and take on others thoughts and ideas, and from the many people I have met this year, both from the world of photography and other friends and associates, so much has changed possitively for us in 2009. When I worked with David Pullumon a lovely Asian wedding in Walsall I took a refreshing look at a different approach and as I’m sure you’ll see by the end of 2009 my work has definitely shifted slightly and our new style really is MINE!

A shift to Canon gear for much of our 2010 work will see a continued improvement in the way we work and I really am so incredibly excited to get stuck in to this year.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy my favourites from 2009 – a year that has been absolutely fantastic to us.
Thank you so much to all of our fantastic clients. I look forward to sharing 2010 with you all!

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