Mezzotonic Live at the Wharf10 | Canon 5DmarkII First Outing

Mezzotonic are one of the country’s up and coming big acts! They are an awesome band with such a fresh sound they really are going to go far…
I have known the guys from the band for some years and it was an absolute pleasure to get down to the Wharf10 in Walsall a few nights ago to watch a live set, and to capture a great set of live shots on my beloved newly acquired Canon 5DmarkII!!
I have always been a Nikon guy and also this isn’t going to change I do like the Canon to work with and I love the files from it. The colours are so crisp and clean, and especially when you come up to high iso shooting the Canon files are just cleaner than those from the Nikon D3. However, at times the Nikon D3 will still be my chosen camera over the Canon, but for shoots like this gig, well I must say I’m only going to be taking the Canon with me!
I will be posting a more in-depth view on the two systems in the coming days but for the moment please sit back and enjoy looking at these stunning photos of the fantastic Mezzotonic.

Hope you enjoyed looking at this post as much as I enjoyed shooting it – and sharing it with you.

Oh and for those of you who may be interested everything was shot on a Canon 5DmarkII on either the 35mm f1.4 L, 135mm f2 L or 24mm f1.4 L Lenses. Oh and the focussing issue that’s so often talked about with Canon cameras – this thing is sharp as anything!! Can’t wait to play properly with the two systems side-by-side on Sunday’s Greek Engagement! Look out Eleni and Kyri, I’m intending to have a lot of fun…

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