Louise + Lee | Moxhull Hall

Louise and Lee chose to hold their wedding at the stunning Moxhull Hall Hotel, just a couple of minutes from the world famous Belfry.
Moxhull Hall is actually a venue I’ve been to before on many occasions, both photographing weddings for my father Barry James Photography but also many years before as an enthusiastic youngster attending photography training sessions with my father and some of the countrys top photographers. I guess something I’ve been very fortunate with is my solid background within the photography industry and having a basis from which I’ve been able to grow into my own style. From the traditional groundings working with ‘the old man’ for many years as an associate photographer, then to setting off into my own business, I’ve had a very good setting – and I’ve also got the great advantage of years of traditional, classic and contemporary training and development, which is now interspersed with the modern creative style I have.
Documenting weddings is absolutely amazing to be able to do – but throw in a few timeless classical shots and the wedding album becomes something altogether different. And as by second Bellissimo album I know Lou and Lee are going to have a stunning magazine wedding album to look back upon in many years to come.
Moxhull Hall is an absolutely stunning venue to hold a wedding and I was glad glad when Lou and Lee booked me. However, before we set off to Moxhull the day actually started a lot closer to home – about 3 minutes away actually, at Lou’s moms house in Pelsall! Hope you enjoy this insight into their story.

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