Liz + Ben | Moseley Old Hall, National Trust

I am a great supporter of the National Trust and have been a proud member for the past few years. Although I have not been as active as I would have liked in the past I am looking at changing this and getting far more involved over the coming months…

When Ben and Liz approached me to photograph their wedding I had heard of Moseley Old Hall but I had never actually been there – despite it being so close to me…and it got me thinking – we should make more time to appreciate and enjoy everything that is around us rather than just rushing from one thing and one place to another – we only have one chance at this and we need to make the most of it…

Anyway, one of the biggest reasons I got so excited about working at Moseley Old Hall is it’s absolutely beautiful, steeped in not only history but elegance, beauty and above all – character! The venue is a true gem to work at and I think it’s safe to say we all had a fantastic time!
Liz + Ben had been together for quite a few years and the ceremony was a very small intimate family only affair – the big party was on the evening at the Chase Golf Club (where incidentally Ste is at tomorrow, 9th May) – and it was thoroughly enjoyable to be part of everything with them both. Although the weather wasn’t perfectly kind to us we managed to dodge in between the showers and get most of what we were looking for – and had a great time doing it!
Liz chose a very elegant gown from Monsoon which personally I believe was a stunning choice as it complemented Liz perfectly. One of the lovely little features of the hall is to be found in the main house there is a chapel on the top floor and Liz + Ben chose to have a blessing there after the wedding…it was just a lovely ceremony…

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