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There’s a moment when the world stopped, just for you. Let’s capture that memory forever.

Before the tuxedos and wedding dress, before the cake tasting and choosing the flowers – at the start of it all – there was the proposal. A magical moment that committed you both to this journey together.

Book an engagement shoot and I’ll document that first step with a set of exclusive portraits that capture your love for each other, set in beautiful and meaningful locations. I’ll travel with you to the festival where you first met or the cornfield where you proposed, personal spots around your hometown, or the airfield where you share your passion for flying together – creating an album of uniquely personal memories.

Creating an atmosphere for your big day.

As well as creating unforgettable images, an engagement shoot allows us to work together before your wedding day. You’ll feel more relaxed with me and with the camera, and you’ll trust that I’m setting the tone for personal and intimate portraits at your wedding. 

You’ll finish your shoot with a set of stunning portraits – the perfect way to announce your engagement and to use as a feature photo for your wedding invitations. Everything you need, with one click of the camera.

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