Eiryl + James | Christchurch + Lichfield City Centre

Eiryl and James are a really fun couple, and I can definitely say that since their wedding we have become friends – and if that’s the sort or rapport we have with clients from photographing their wedding, I’d say that is pretty awesome!!
Their wedding at Christchurch in Lichfield, with the fantastic Revd Averil leading the ceremony – I mean, how many Vicars have you seen handcuff the Bride and Groom together during the wedding ceremony?! – with heading off around Lichfield City Centre with the Bride and Groom for their portrait session, the day was absolutely fantastic, I just wish we’d have been free on the night to go and enjoy the evening reception at the Aldridge Compass Suites with them!
It was such an amazing brief to receive and I had such a great time with them – thank you for trusting us to capture your memories the way you saw them.

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