Duke of Edinburgh Gold Expedition | Brecon Beacons, South Wales

This year I’ve decided to complete something I started back in my teens – the Duke of Edinburgh Award!

After completing my Bronze and Silver Awards over 7 years ago I had never had the chance to complete my Gold Award. Then after a sudden flash of inspiration I started reading around on the net and realised I could actually complete the award before my 25 birthday in 2010! So that was it. My charity work for the RSPCA is a perfect service, my playing in bands a perfect skill and so it came to the expedition which was in the Brecon Beacons in Wales!!

I actually do quite a lot of walking anyway so it wasn’t a major thing to do. However, with the awful weather we had over the 4 days, one of which was nice I must admit!, it was definitely hard going. I’ve had quite a lot of trouble with my knees this year already and I think I’ll be seeing a specialist at the end of the season and the walk certainly didn’t help and tbh I was in agony from the afternoon of the 2nd day but determination and a good group of walking buddys helped me through.

Unfortunately due to the weather the camera didn’t come out that much but I grabbed a couple of shots as the days went by and here are a couple for you to see. I’m really glad I stuck to it and completed the walk and I can’t wait to get out in the hills again when my knees are sorted – oh and when my blisters are healed on my severely broken feet!!

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