BrawnGP on top!

As anyone who follows this blog or knows me personally will testify to the fact that I am a massive Formula 1 fan. This time of the year is always really exciting as it’s the start of the new season, and also the start of the main wedding season too!

Pre-season this year had brought quite a few exciting changes following on from the big rules change enforced by the FIA and agreed upon by FOTA and it seems form the tests that it really could shake the order up. THE single most exciting prospect however is the newest team on the grid born from the ashes of the failed Honda F1 team – BrawnGP!
Jenson and Rubens seemed to be setting some really exciting times in practice (including JB breaking the lap record on the first day out in the car!) and the way they have performed this weekend is simply amazing. Richard Branson has rightly been excited and given backing and sponsorship to the new boys and who knows what the rest of the year could bring following this stunning start.

2009 could be an absolutely amazing year for so many reasons! Bring it on!!!

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