Becci + Lee | St James’ Church + The Moat House

Becci + Lee are such a bubbly couple and from the first time we met many months ago I’ve been thoroughly looking forward to photographing their wedding!
Falling on the back of the sensational week I’ve had being part of Wrosne I couldn’t have been in a brighter more excited mood for the wedding. St James’ Church in Acton Trussell is a stunning church with a classic country-church character and atmosphere and it’s always a pleasure to work at, rather than simply driving past on my way to the Moat House! Incidentally, and quite unsurprisingly, Becci and Lee had chose the Moat House for their wedding reception – so atleast there wasn’t much travelling involved on the day!!
Everything was absolutely stunning on the day, and although I was only on a 4 hour Bellissimo coverage rather than the longer coverages that are so popular these days, but it was an absolutely fantastic day to be a part of. The little touches were also amazing throughout the wedding, from the Dresses from Fairytales and the boys in their Jeff Banks suits, and you’ve always got to love a Beauford in the sun! Becci and Lee chose Wedding Bliss Cars from Sandbach – and a very nice little motor it was too!!
Hope you enjoy this little insight into Becci + Lee’s wedding.

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