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Gorgeous bespoke wedding cakes designed to not only fit your wedding but to bring all of your ideas and personality together, in a beautiful, bespoke design. I get the opportunity to talk all things weddings and wedding cakes with Lucy from Amerton Cakes. Come and see what gems this cake designer shared!

Staffordshire Wedding Cakes

Gorgeous Bespoke Wedding Cakes – that taste even better than they look!!

I’ve known Amerton Cakes for so many years, probably around the 10 years they’ve been in business!

With designs that are stunning, very current, but also so personal, I just love having an Amerton Cake for one of my couples.

When I was marrying Beki, there was only one place we could really go for our cake – and from the moment we sat down and started talking to Lucy, being on the ‘other side’ of the industry was a pleasure.

The designs that Lucy brings together are simply fantastic, and I loved through this chat understanding how it’s not just weddings and wedding cakes that spur the design inspiration! From patterns to shapes, fashion to seasons, everything comes together to make the wedding cakes from Staffordshire Wedding Cake maker Amerton Cakes truly special.

Bespoke Wedding Cakes from Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker

I loved how through chatting with Lucy I got to find out things about the business I didn’t previously know, and of course, I now get to share that with you all.

As a wedding cake maker based near to Stafford, Amerton Cakes have been hand-crafting stunning wedding cakes for over 10 years, and have established themselves as one of the leading cake designers throughout Staffordshire.

Staying completely up to date with designs and trends really allows them to stand out – and I loved Lucy’s take on this:

“We like to be quite different with our designs, so we design everything ourselves. We base around the trends a little bit, but we do have our own style, but we also take to mind the bride’s requirements and what they are looking for their big day. Fitting into their theme, we normally have a consultation and we have a cake tasting with the Bride and Groom, they come in see what we do and then they can tell us their ideas and we can combine those into creating something that will work for them.”

I love how with a bespoke cake maker such as Amerton Cakes, everything is crafted just for you!

Stunning wedding cakes from Bespoke Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker Amerton Cakes

From integrating the style of material from the dresses, or the colours from the bridesmaids’ gowns, it really is all about you and your wedding.

And this also follows with size – after all, you need your cake to provide the right amount of portions for your guests!

“Tailoring the cake to them, personalising it in some small way whether it’s adding things like initials or some more details from where the couple met, or an aspect of how they got engaged, that sort of thing, takes it from the ordinary to make it totally unique for them.”

It’s also down to little elements of decoration, such as including sugar flowers to compliment your own bouquet, that helps tie the whole theme of the day together.

“We can tie-in with their bouquets, other flowers that they’ve got going on in the wedding, so we can personalise it, which helps to tie everything in the room together, so it doesn’t look like the cakes out of place. It’s all fits in with the decoration and then also when it comes to personalising it then their guests can automatically look at it and be like that’s that’s them that’s their case since it is their personality and their wedding within one design.”

I just loved how Lucy said this! A cake that not only shows your wedding but ALSO you as people, your characters and personalities. That is the gold-mine right there!! Who knew a wedding cake could be so personal!!!

It can also be the smallest things that get transformed into the design process to make your cake special:

“Whether it’s dresses, whether it’s just shapes, something that you see in table decorations, different textures, anything that really is just a  nice inspiration to have. This helps then so you haven’t got two cakes that look exactly the same. People’s weddings are something unique.”

Stunning wedding cakes from Bespoke Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker Amerton Cakes

Unique Creative Wedding Cakes

Personally, I love it how that each and every wedding I get to photograph is completely unique and very special. It’s the individuality, the characters and the moments that make each day a complete one-off, and I love that Lucy brings this same approach to her wedding cakes:

“I think it is totally bespoke to each person because even if you see a design of ours that you like and you completely fall in love with, there’s always changes that you need to make to tie it in with your wedding. Changing the colours anything like it makes it different each time so every time you do a different cake it always looks different.”

I think it just makes the couple’s cake their own, rather than being something that they’ve just bought off the shelves.”

Stunning wedding cakes from Bespoke Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker Amerton Cakes

Different Styled Wedding Cakes

Something I think that is also a huge strength of Amerton Cakes is the range of styles that they carry.

From the sizing of the cakes to the themes and the inspiration behind them; whatever your wedding, you could find the perfect cake from Amerton Cakes!!

“It’s the fact that every wedding is different and you appreciate that everyone is different and everyone style is slightly different, so having lots of variety of different designs is really important as well. We tend to have a certain style overall, but there are different aspects and different trends that we cover, and then different sort of styles suit different weddings; some that suit a barn wedding, some that’s it more of a traditional classic. It can kind of go either way with the styles without being set on one design completely.”

“It’s so much better than I imagined it was going to be!”

What a thing to hear from your brides!

Stunning wedding cakes from Bespoke Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker Amerton Cakes

The wedding cake experience with Amerton Cakes

I really do think every part of the wedding planning process is about the experience – it’s feeling a connection, a vibe, or indeed the approach, that gels with you when you’re with particular suppliers that matters just as much as the service and product that you’re looking at.

At Amerton Cakes it all starts with the tasting consultation, in the fabulous design studio they have at Amerton Farm.

“We like to start with an initial consultation, with the Brides and Grooms contacted coming into the studio, come into the environment that we’re in, see the cakes on display – because I think from photographs you can’t always get a feel for them and can’t understand the size of the cake. We get an idea of which flavours they like, narrow down which ones they want, and then decide on which ones they want for different tiers, so they can have then a combination of different flavours that they want.

Once we’ve had the initial consultation, and they’ve got an idea of what they sort of cake they’re looking for, they can always you go and have a little think about it and then come back and do the final tweaking of exact colours, details, types of flowers etc.”

Designing the Wedding Cake

From incorporating your wedding dress or colours, to the details of your engagement, to the shapes and that tie your theme together, it’s all brought into one design to show you and your day in a cake!

I also love that until the final meeting, nothing is set in stone and can be tweaked as your wedding planning leads you on a particular journey:

“It’s bringing the fine details together once they’ve progressed with all the wedding plans. Things sometimes may change a little bit, so they can come in and change the design if they want to you as well. Nothing is set in stone, so we’re really relaxed and they can then come back, say ‘right, I know what I’m looking for’ and we can get it all sorted and designed. Once it’s all finalised, we can then sort delivery of the cake for the wedding day.”

I think this is a huge thing – after all, cakes are not only extremely delicate, but very heavy too – I was so glad Amerton Cakes took care of everything for us for our wedding day, and I’m sure all other couples are too!!

How much does a wedding cake cost?

With options ranging from high street shops to completely bespoke, the range of prices and possibilities for your wedding cake are really quite endless. it really is about bringing everything together to serve your day in the perfect way.

“There are always elements that affect the price of wedding cakes – designs with lots of detail, anything that really takes a lot of time, is always going to have to be more expensive. We always try and take into consideration the budget of our couples when they come in, and to make sure that we know roughly what they’re looking at from the start. We can suggest this or that change the cake for the budget, but still, make it in their style. Keeping it how they want it to look, but reduce things a little bit to make it a little bit more affordable for them.”

Again, it really is about being open and honest and talking to your supplier. Trust in our years of experience to help make your day perfect!

“I think it’s really just not being afraid to discuss the budget. Really, it is the been open about it. Don’t worry about it. We all have that conversation. That’s fine. I understand. There are lots of different elements and costs and things for the wedding so it’s always important to try and keep things controlled with the wedding budget.

It really is just being open with us and just saying, ‘I’m looking at this sort of price point,  is there anything you can do? I like this sort of style.’

We can say, ‘maybe you could have a little less sugar flowers or make the cake a bit less detailed, but we wouldn’t ever say keep it really plain – it wouldn’t look right. If we don’t really it’s going to look right we would always say.”

Having that experience and expertise to guide you on such an important decision is invaluable!

Stunning wedding cakes from Bespoke Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker Amerton Cakes

Wedding Planning Tips

Following on with my pattern on these Supplier Features, I had to ask Lucy for her top planning tips, to help you when planning your own wedding:

“Get an idea of what you’re looking for. Do your research first, and have a look at what you want before you go to a particular supplier.

Have a look at their website and take a look at what sort of thing they do, and maybe pick out some different designs that you like and then go with an open mind, and say ‘I like these sort of all these different styles, what do you recommend?'”

Also, don’t leave it too late to book your consultations with your suppliers:

“We normally suggest that at least 12 months really. Whilst that isn’t necessarily restricted because sometimes we can have a quiet week, so it’s always important for brides to not be restricted on time, just ring up and say ‘I’ve actually only got six months to the wedding, it’s in the summer, can you do something?’ We can always try our best to turn something around. We can always try and work around timings as well, and if we can we  will always try and help out brides if they need anything in a shorter amount of time.”

 Stunning wedding cakes from Bespoke Staffordshire Wedding Cake Maker Amerton Cakes

Top Wedding Tips from Lucy at Amerton Cakes

And finally, I had to ask, what would be Lucy’s top wedding tips:

  1. “I would say always be relaxed and don’t worry about things. Things will always sort themselves out.”
  2. “Inject your personality into things. It’s always nice to do things that are personal, You want to look back at your photo albums and think that’s just us!”
  3. “Keep organised with things. Don’t let things run over. Try and keep to your budgets when you’re planning!”
  4. “I always love a mood board. You can’t go wrong with the mood board. I think it’s just a really good way of getting all your ideas down visually and then if you need to show it to somebody then you can be like, ‘this is this is what I was thinking’, and that’s always great.”
  5. “It’s always important to sort of enjoy the moment, but sometimes when it comes to cutting the cake, you’ve got lots going on you’ve got lots of people to speak to you. And so you don’t always get a chance to get some of your own cake – which everyone always kicks themselves for!”
  6. It’s really nice to make sure that if you have any left over, you can freeze it, and if you can return from honeymoon and can then get it and share with your family afterwards.”


Thank you so much, Lucy, for sharing your top tips, and also giving us more of an insight into Amerton Cakes.

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