A belated Christmas and New Years Celebration | Swansea

Beki got back from spending Christmas and New Year in Florida with her folks on Wednesday and headed straight back to Swansea for the new term. I had a few days clear in the diary so I was able to head down on Thursday and spend a few great days together. Although ti had only been just over a couple of weeks since I’d seen her it was great to be back in Swansea together.

Whilst I was down there we had a good relaxed couple of days and had a great afternoon on the beach at Port Enyon where the photos below were taken. It may have been a little bit fresh but the place was empty – which was fantastic!!

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Hey there! Just to let you know, we're away from the office over the easter break so it may take me a little longer to get back to you :) Please bear with me! Happy Easter!!