About Stuart James

My name is Stuart James and I have been photographing weddings for over 15 years with Stuart James Photography now into the fourteenth year.
I’m very passionate about photography, and more than anything, about capturing and telling the story of each and every wedding in my own natural documentary style and placing in the hands of my clients a timeless photographic record for them and their families to look back upon and relive the most amazing time for decades into the future.

I’ve long had an interest in photography, something which has to be attested to following my father’s footsteps, but there has always been a special place in my heart and mind for storytelling documentary photography, and from when I started to employ this approach to my own work over ten years ago, it started to really make the magic happen.

Weddings are such amazing events which are so incredibly special and precious for not only the couple but their families and friends. For me being able to witness and record the love of one person to another, from a mother and father closing a chapter on their lives as their daughter starts a new family with her man, to the friends you don’t see from year to year but are always there, to the people who are just coming into your lives…these are all just such incredible elements of a day that I’m fortunate enough to be a part of. I have such a huge passion for photography and could think of nothing I would be happier doing than documenting weddings.

I live in South Staffordshire with my beautiful wife Beki and our adorable Bullmastiff, Rocksi.
When not working I love to follow Formula1 and the MotoGP, enjoy listening to music, and spending time reading and enjoying great films.
Leading such incredibly hectic and busy lives means every opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, whether that be in our garden or indeed up in the Lakeland hills is enjoyed.
We have a great passion for travel and both intend to one day travel the world together.

We’re still on a huge high whenever we look at our own wedding photographs from our day in the Lake District on the bank of Lake Windermere. It was incredible to finally be on the other side of things and to have our very good friend Mister Phill (who is the man responsible for the photos of us on this page) along to document our own wedding weekend.
There are so many things I appreciate differently from a wedding now that we’ve enjoyed our own special time…and it just makes me more excited to share in others’ amazing weddings.