Best Wedding Photographers Staffordshire – A look at 2016

Best of 2016 for Stuart James – Wedding Photographers Staffordshire Continuing from the fabulous start of the year, and after a much appreciated holiday!, it was back to work in August for us and back to where the year started…Weston Hall. Nicola + Ian’s wedding was a wonderfully relaxed day with coverage only for a […]

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St Marks + Weston Hall | Becky + Ryan

Each and every wedding is truly special to be part of and to capture, and Becky + Ryan’s day was a treat to be part of from start to end. From the emotion and excitement in the morning with the preparations, to the chilled out groom waiting for his bride at the church, the journey to Weston Hall (after the slight delay…) for the fabulous reception.
Blessed with beautiful weather, the day could not have been more perfect, and with such a natural couple in front of camera as Becky + Ryan it made my ‘job’ as a wedding photographer a true pleasure. Thank you for inviting me to share your day!

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